ReCIPH: Relational Coefficients for Input Partitioning Heuristic


With the rapidly advancing improvements to the already successful Deep Learning artifacts, Neural Networks (NN) are poised to permeate a growing number of everyday applications, including ones where safety is paramount and, therefore, formal guarantees are a precious commodity. To this end, Formal Methods, a long-standing, mathematically-inspired field of research saw an effervescent outgrowth targeting NN and advancing almost as rapidly as AI itself. Without a doubt, the most challenging problem facing this new research direction is the scalability to the ever-growing NN models. This paper stems from this need and introduces Relational Coefficients for Input partitioning Heuristic (ReCIPH), accelerating NN analysis. Extensive experimentation is supplied to assert the added value to two different solvers handling several models and properties (coming, in part, from two industrial use-cases).